All Ways Zen and Sensei Tristan introduce Satori Method, an exciting new fitness and lifestyle program getting a big buzz with plans to grow beyond…

For Immediate Release:

Tristan Truscott, Co-founder of All Ways Zen and Austin Martial Arts Academy on 5000 Bee Cave Road, Suite 210, Austin, Texas, has developed an exciting new program called Satori Method to give people a workout | lifestyle enrichment that reaches far beyond the normal gym, martial arts or yoga class experience.

Truscott spent the better part of 25 years studying and teaching martial arts. For the last 17 years he included a personal commitment to meditation and combined the study of T'ai Chi, Yoga, and Qigong. “After so many years of martial arts repetition, with the same rote movements, boring gym workouts, and routines that only focused on physical results - I realized I needed something that worked on my mind as well as my body. I began to notice the same need in my students”, says Truscott (“Sensei Tristan” at the Dojo). “I wanted to take all the years of training, from all the various disciplines, and give people something with more balance and punch, so I created Satori Method”. Satori Method is beautifully simple. The program includes four components: Satori Sport, Satori Flow, Satori Teachings and Satori Vitality.

Additionally Truscott wanted an easy to learn meditation process that he could teach his students to help them be more “present”, focused, and productive. This led to his creating “The Art of Mushin”, a five point meditation system, developed by Truscott, that encourages people to be truly present in all areas of their lives: work, home, and interpersonal relationships.

Satori Sport

This is the “work out” class that integrates all of the programs main elements. “Satori” is a Zen Buddhist term for enlightenment that literally means, "to understand". “Sport” refers to the athletic strengthening and rejuvenating the body. The Satori Sport program combines meditation (following the breath and visualization), intense cardiovascular (cardio stations with kickboxing and boxing exercises), strength training (body resistance training and weight training), and Satori Flow’s yoga routines.

Satori Flow

Satori Flow is a unique blend of the Mushin Meditation, Martial Yoga, T'ai Chi and Qigong. “Zen is my life. It is what has given me all that I have today - peace of mind, health, prosperity, wonderful relationships and a deep connection with myself. Today I teach people how to integrate Zen principles so they can be in the moment, create balanced lifestyles, and uncover inherent knowledge that helps them to live happy and fulfilling lives”, says Truscott.

Satori Mindset

Satori Teachings are easy to digest life skills that teach people how to be more present to the moment, present to themselves and present to others. Truscott believes that we all have an Inner Guide that knows what is best for us. He says that due to stress, fatigue, reactive patterns and negative emotions this innate knowing is covered up. His Satori Teachings are offered by a variety of well-respected teachers that help busy and stressed out individuals uncover (or remember) their True Potential.

Satori Vitality

Satori Vitality is a healthy eating program that purifies, nourishes and builds the body from the inside out. Truscott began his natural healing and nutrition education under Dr. Richard Shulze at the are of 18. It was due to this profound influence that Truscott spent the following years of his life eating organic and life-giving foods. He believes it is one of the most important things a human being can do to experience a truly healthy life.

This spirit of dedication to helping others and the excited response of the participants has inspired Truscott to grow beyond the Austin, Texas area. “I initially tried to dedicate my website to local classes and the sale of my meditation program, but everyone kept telling me how great the Satori Sport and Satori Flow classes were and how much they mean to them. That has inspired me to go in a slightly different direction.” Truscott now intends to train people on-line by creating an “online dojo”. This will allow Satori Method to be taught around the world, says Truscott.

For more information about Satori Method, or to interview Tristan Truscott, please contact him directly at 512.698.9591.