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We see pictures everywhere these days of people looking calm and relaxed in meditation postures. The funny thing about most of these images, at least to me, is that the people in the photos are usually just models who have been asked to pose, perhaps for the latest spa ad.

The truth is very few people really know how to meditate, or at least properly.

I can say this because I own and run a martial arts and healing center with over 350 students ... most new adult students come looking for ways to de-stress and find balance in their lives again ... 95% have never been shown how to meditate before!

It's only just recently that our culture began to fully embrace meditation and this is happening mostly due to the newly found scientific benefits of meditation and its affects upon stress. The good news is that doctors are finally recommending meditation for helping people with their stress-related health conditions ... and that is because it works!

"Meditation has been the life-line in my life for close to 20 years now ... I really can't imagine living without it.

meditationBefore studying martial arts and learning meditation I was psychologically a mess - I was constantly anxious, self conscious, emotionally shut down, fearful of just about everything, extremely distracted and often depressed.

The stress and fear in my mind also created some very uncomfortable physical symptoms for me. I almost always got migraine headaches in the middle of the day, my stomach was often irritable, my internal stress would cause me to grind my teeth at night (I could barely open my mouth in the morning due to the pain from the pressure in my jaw), my palms were always sweaty when I got nervous, my lower back was constantly tight ... basically stress ruled my life!

However, since learning how to meditate deeply I have changed everything about my life. I now know how to find a relaxed stillness within myself and whenever I notice stress creeping in I can now reverse the condition right away. I rarely ever feel self conscious anymore. My whole body has become relaxed and at ease. I have more focus and concentration than I've ever known. I feel a stream of life-force energy flowing through me while I am meditating. I experience states of consciousness that I would definitely call Bliss. I am constantly inspired, rejuvenated and joyful ... all because of my meditation practice.

"I have developed a powerful 5-step method of meditation that will blow you (and your stress) away, right away!"

The meditation that I teach is based upon authentic techniques that have been passed down throughout the ages from the Martial Arts Masters and Ancient Yogis ... this is the real deal ... I call this five step method The Art of Mushin.

I have learned these techniques over many, many years of dedicated practice. I can help you to learn these deep meditation skills easily and in a no-nonsense fashion, so that you too can begin to quickly de-stress and ultimately experience profound inner peace.

I can say this with absolute certainty because I do this everyday ... just listen to the amazing results that my students are having:

Mushin Meditation Success Stories:

"The Mushin mindset is phenomenal! We recently had a situation in the hospital where a patient was reacting to the medicine our department gave them. This is a life threatening event and it is so important to be calm as the physician on the scene. Mushin kicked in because of the training and I was able to take in all of the options and treat the patient exactly how they needed, no more, no less. The nurses were amazed!" ~ Lori Barr, MD.
"I thank you deeply for the energy you dedicate to the physical and spiritual development of others. I thank you personally for the relief, release, and reconnection which you facilitated in me on Thursday night. Mushin [Meditation] is so powerful. I continue to benefit from and greatly enjoy your instruction. Thank You" ~ Doug Diamond (School Teacher)
"I will forever be grateful for all you have given to me for it has permanently altered my life in such a rewarding and positive way. Your gift of sharing your work, the arts, and Mushin has so blessed me and so many others. I just wanted to take the time to thank you for everything you give." ~ Cheryl Featherstone (Martial Arts Teacher, Personal Trainer & Mother of Three)

"This meditation program is a very detailed 4-Disc DVD/CD course that will guide you every step of the way."

I have taken all of my years of practice in the art of meditation and distilled them down into a simple five step process that makes stress relief and getting centered very easy for you.

meditation_dvdsThis program explains everything to you about how to meditate. You will learn how to sit, how to breathe, where to focus your mind, how to release negative thoughts, how to increase your magnetic energy field and most importantly how to tap into a state of peaceful awareness beyond your mind.

Additionally I will show you how to avoid all of the problems that beginners have when learning meditation. In this program I will teach you the ancient techniques used by the masters so that you can become a deep meditator too.

Imagine being able to pop in one of the meditation discs and be gently guided away from the busy-ness of your mind and taught how to tap into a deeply peaceful state of meditation. The ancient teachers called this state of awareness Mushin, a state of no-mind and no-ego. This state of awareness was also favored by the Samurai warriors, because it enabled them to stay centered and focused during the intensity and severity of combat.

With the stress and intensity of today's lifestyles you can use these parallel benefits of this Samurai-like focused awareness to handle intense situations such as being under pressure at work, dealing with obnoxious people or even surviving emergency situations. This is also the perfect program for anyone seeking to improve their day to day mental disposition ... including self consciousness, anxiety, depression, anger and even rage.

But please remember, The Art of Mushin is not just a stress relief program or focusing tool ... it is a powerful method that you can use to experience a profound inner joy. On the DVD and accompanying Audio CDs I explain and teach you how to change the very vibration of your body and mind so that you can change the quality of your inner-self. All self improvement teachers will tell you that in order to change your outer-life, you must first change your inner-life.

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Here's what you'll gain once you have The Art of Mushin


  • With The Art of Mushin you will learn how to quickly turn off the stress response, boost your immune system and get relaxed. This aspect of meditation is probably on of the most important things you can do to prevent stress-related illness.
  • Athletes tap into an aspect of Mushin from time to time - they call it 'being in the zone', with The Art of Mushin techniques and sequence you can tap into the zone whenever you like.
  • You will learn exactly how to position your back, neck, hips and arms for the best meditation results. With these tips you won't fall asleep or need to keep adjusting your body trying to get comfortable.
  • I will show you exactly how to breathe for maximum results. These are the specific techniques that everyone should know, not only to improve their meditations but also their overall health. Simply put, a well oxygenated body lives longer.
  • I will teach you about the channels which life-force energy (Chi) flows through your body and how to increase it. There is an amazing supply of energy always available to you, but only if you learn how to tap into it.
  • Have you heard of DVD and book The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne yet? With The Art of Mushin you'll learn exactly how to enter into the perfect mental state for improving your visualization and manifestation skills.
  • Whether it is for a sports event, exam, rehearsal, audition, interview, book report or wherever you may feel anxiousness, The Art of Mushin will give you a way to quickly clear your mind and tap into 'The Zone'.
  • Can you control your emotions? The Art of Mushin teaches you a powerful method for releasing negative feelings and tapping back into a positive feeling of balance and gratitude for life.

"Thanks for all the help - we really are happy we've joined. Your approach and method [Mushin], especially, is a large part of our encouragement and enthusiasm - you're a gifted teacher!" ~ Josh LeFebvre

"As a parent, I can attest to the value of the practice of mindfulness [Mushin] that we receive. It helps me to find calm in my own hectic life as a parent, and I can also carry these lessons to my children by example through what I do and how I react to stress. I think this is a great benefit of our class that is separate from punching or physical fitness." ~ Glenn Lightsey (Associate Professor, Department of Aerospace Engineering, The University of Texas at Austin)

"I had the opportunity to attend Sensei Tristan's Advanced Mushin No-mind/No-ego seminar. That three hour seminar taught me so much! I learned why I react in a certain way during stressful situations and how to change my reaction. As a high school teacher, there are many situations that cause me to become stressed and even angry but learning how to control my reactions by watching my breath and reframing has been an incredible help." ~ Becky Hertel (9th & 10th Grade Teacher)l

This package is totally loaded ... here's what each disc includes:

  • Disc #1 - An hour long DVD training that breaks down each of the steps visually. This is so much more helpful than just listening to someone guide you through meditation techniques. There are certain ways to posture your body, different ways to hold your hands, breathing methods, ways to clear and focus your mind and so on. All of these topics are thoroughly explained on the DVD.
  • Disc #2 - On the next disc there are two Guided Meditations that allow you to experience the process slowly, clearly and scientifically. This CD is the heart and Soul of the practice and I've never come across a process that makes it this easy to tap into a deep state of meditation.
  • Disc #3 - I've also included a beautiful Meditation Audio CD that helps to get you into the relaxation state very quickly when your not using the Guided Meditation CD. There's nothing wrong with a little relaxation music to assist in your practice, providing its not the only part of your practice.
  • Disc #4 - Lastly I've transferred the audio track from the DVD to an audio CD, so you can listen to the detailed meditation instructions on your Walkman or iPod. This way you're able to keep learning how to meditate when you need to be mobile.

"Western mind-body medical science is totally on board"

The good news today is that western mind-body medical science has given a big stamp of approval to meditation, deep breathing and emotional clearing techniques. Studies now show that with these amazing meditation skills we can:

  • Lower our blood pressure
  • Better manage our stress
  • Lower cortisol and adrenaline levels
  • Curb depression and even panic attacks
  • Improve our memory
  • Improve our sleep
  • Boost our immune system
  • Relieve chronic fatigue
  • Increase respiratory circulation
  • Reduce physical tension
  • Calm our nervous system, and so much more ...

The Art of Mushin program won't disappoint you ... it's all in here!!"

OK so here's the online deal ... you can get a copy for just $147.00

I guarantee that this product ... if you don't see immediate results just return it for a full refund!

So are you ready to start benefiting from the powerful meditation, stress relief and emotional clearing tools offered in The Art of Mushin?

I really appreciate the saying, "Ignorance is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results". So when do you think would be the best time try something different and start transforming your life into the life you were meant to be living?

Live well and love fearlessly!!


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The Art of Mushin DVD

P.S. I have spoken with many people over the years about how they practice meditation and I have discovered there are four core frustrations people run into:

  1. They can't seem to get beyond the mental noise and distracting thoughts in their head; they feel more stressed out because they end up 'fighting' with their mind, rather than actually relaxing.
  2. Their body hurts from the awkward positions that they have to sit in and they end up fidgeting the whole time just trying to get comfortable. They fight the pain for while but ultimately end up feeling that they can't do it.
  3. They fall asleep when they begin the deep belly breathing. Nobody explained to them that this is a natural process of the nervous system calming down and releasing stress. Additionally they are never taught how to bypass falling asleep so in the end they feel like they have failed at meditation.
  4. Even when people do start to make progress with meditation they become apprehensive about deeply 'releasing' and 'letting go', because it feels like they are giving up 'control'. Nobody told them how to handle this feeling or explained to them what is actually happening. Rather than being encouraged to embrace it they got scared and stopped practicing.

P.P.S. With all of the meditation techniques available throughout the internet and media today, it can be very difficult knowing which techniques to practice. Which ones will work best for you? Should you just try them all? Guess? Experiment?

Additionally many of the meditation techniques out there today are either too complicated or use vague instruction. There's also a lot of new-agey nonsense and outright charlatanism; it's no wonder that meditation used to get a bum rap in our culture.

So my main question to you is ... do you have the time to figure it all out?

I sincerely hope that you find a meditation practice that is suited to you. I believe very strongly that you will enjoy my method. If you order this program and find that it is not beneficial to you then you have my word that you can send it back for a full refund :-}

Thank you for reading about The Art of Mushin

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"I thank you deeply for the energy you dedicate to the physical and spiritual development of others. I thank you personally for the relief, release, and reconnection which you facilitated in me on Thursday night. Mushin is so powerful. I continue to benefit from and greatly enjoy your instruction. Thank You ~ Doug Diamond"

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