Thank you for looking at our programs. We have been teaching personal growth courses since 1987. Life Mastery Coaching is a powerful process that will change your life from the inside out.

The truth is all permanent and predictable transformation can only happen if you release past programming and negative habits WHILE replacing them with new information and positive habits. To successfully accomplish this task it is also ESSENTIAL that you uncover your True Self in the process. It is your True Self that knows what is best for you and what will bring you the most joy in your life.

It is known by master level healers that they don't actually do the healing, but rather help create the environment for the healing to take place. The mind, body and spirit are beautifully intuitive and intelligent. When given the right environment and support... they will each return to their natural state.

It is with this understanding that we provide our Life Mastery Coaching. Our job is not to cram a bunch of information ON TOP of your current programming... but rather help create the environment for you to uncover your Inner Guide and True Purpose. We realize that that sounds a little far fetched to some... BUT if you can be an open-minded skeptic we can prove that this is indeed the best way to transform yourself... and create a life that truly rocks!!

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Additional Company Info:

The courses and curriculum found this website and on our other websites have been created by Tristan and Sabrina Truscott. You can read their bios and learn more about them from the links below: - (Our Main Website) - (Co-Founders with John Assaarf from The Secret) - (Sensei Tristan's Blog)

Satori Method's Life Mastery Coaching a division of All Ways Zen, LLC. Our company offers mind-body fitness and life coaching. Additionally we offer Satori Method DVD programs, workout gear and clothing, workshops and retreats. Our products and events focus on mind-body fitness, stress relief, meditation, mindset, relaxation, balanced living, alternative healing and self mastery.

Our Mission:

All Ways Zen/Satori Method is dedicated to helping people create balanced lifestyles, in ALL Ways of life. In today's hectic and fast paced world it is more important than ever to know simple yet effective ways to reduce stress, stay positive, stay fit and health and maintain a feeling of inner peace. With 30 years of research into mind-body-spirit practices we provide products and services that have been born out of our personal experience.

Our Name:

Our company's name has a two fold meaning based upon the way it sounds. All Ways Zen represents using our products and services to help you find your 'Center' in ALL areas (or ways) of your life. Always Zen suggests using our products and services to help you stay 'Centered' as often as possible throughout your day. It is hard to believe that a word as Asian as Zen is ultimately an Indo-European word. Zen, which has been in English since 1727, is the Japanese pronunciation of Chinese chán, "quietude".

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